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You have requested information by clicking on the Advertising Option Icon displayed on one of the websites (" Addicting Games, Inc. Sites"), or players, games or applications (" Addicting Games, Inc. Applications"), owned and/or operated by Addicting Games, Inc. ("AG"). On AG Sites and AG Applications, we work with third parties that may collect and use information about your visits to Addicting Games, Inc. Sites and non-affiliated websites, as well as your use of AG Applications, in order to provide advertisements of interest to you. On certain AG Sites and AG Applications, AG uses third parties for these purposes. Some of these third parties participate in the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (the "Program"), which offers a single location where users can make choices about the use of their information for ad targeting. To learn more, please go to

AG is committed to complying with the Program in connection with AG's operation of AG Sites and AG Applications. The Program was developed by leading industry associations to apply consumer-friendly standards to online behavioral advertising across the Internet. To learn more about the Program, please go to