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genealace - Jan 23, 2022 -
1.04.21 placed 17/46. No hints and only 1 oops. Scoreboard still not working properly. Lady13 you are not there neither is moms
momsearch - Jan 23, 2022 -
34.65 6/46 Orinoco, back in the mid- to later 70's little girls were in groups of baton twirling, in long parades. My daughter was in one of the groups. I often thought their little feet had a be killing them in those boots. The girls would march for miles. I haven't seen a group like that for many years now.
lady13bug - Jan 23, 2022 -
:20:09 #1 for now clever hide on my last baton
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
orinocowomble - Jan 23, 2022 -
First player, 47s. Is baton twirling still a thing in the US? It was huge when I was a kid among a certain class of girls.
lisarah - Jan 22, 2022 -
All four drum kits last for me.


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