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PuzlsRfun - Jan 22, 2022 -
25.5 today for #5 of 71 so far, and the deer was last. Most items were as I pictured them, but the cat was different. I was lucky to find it so quickly.
momsearch - Jan 22, 2022 -
42.43 2/33 the cat was last. When I first spotted it, I thought it was a raccoon.
Kittyonmylap - Jan 22, 2022 -
The wooden ones are called reindeer. Could not find the cat! Even tho mine is sitting right next to me.
MLScout71 - Jan 22, 2022 -
In past puzzles, the animal made out of branches, like some people put on their lawns, was the deer. Those didn't count today.
Tagged as: Challenging
sapphireraptor - Jan 22, 2022 -
the deer ain't made of wood!
Tagged as: Addictive


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