Mysteriez! 2: Daydreaming

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Categories: Hidden Object Puzzle
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mlpartridge - Jun 16, 2021 -
I would enjoy this game but the screen is too small!!
Anonymous - Apr 22, 2014 -
Very entertaining! As others have noted, levels do repeat after 10 scenes, but the time allotted is shorter every time you continue through those levels. As for "the 5 that doesn't go away" in level 3, I haven't experienced that. I do find that you have to click directly on part of the number or else it may be that you have clicked on a number that is behind the one you targeted. Hope this helps!
Anonymous - Sep 11, 2013 -
I too have found that the game is great in the beginning and I lost interest when the levels began to repeat. If there is rhyme or reason as to why the numbers do not fall off of the chart it is probably a trick to give a time penalty, thereby forcing us to rely on memory. Ha!
Anonymous - Dec 31, 2012 -
level 3 l clicked the 5 and it said it was a 5 the first time and an 8 the second time but the 5 never went away
Anonymous - Jul 11, 2012 -
it's really good at the beginning, but sometimes the numbers are ridiculous to find and the levels repeat themselves eventually, which is really annoying.


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