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Anonymous - Jan 4, 2017 -
Ten different pics. Faster each time you move through. Good for memory. However sometimes numbers do not 'click' as you are moving onto next one.
Anonymous - Oct 29, 2016 -
first board, the number five will not work, just minus time. Level 19, number 2 in jar, doesn't register. Too many of the same pictures over and over again
Anonymous - Oct 28, 2016 -
When the numbers are on top of each other it is impossible to get both of them. So it is impossible to complete many games. Please fix. Otherwise a fun game. I agree a hint button would be fun.
Anonymous - Oct 24, 2014 -
Love the game in general, but I'd love to see it include a hint system for the last two numbers in every scene I just can't find.
Anonymous - Jan 24, 2014 -
bad,,, you see the 20 and the 17. and it will not acknowledge..


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