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stpaulchuck - Jun 15, 2021 -
navigation and letters control is still spastic and not fun have any of you guys found a game site with games up to our old games standards? I am so tired of these new ones.
Tagged as: Mindless
Southfloridaguy - Jun 15, 2021 -
17 seconds and it says I'm 60 out of 170!
Tagged as: Easy, Funny, Great Graphics
PuzlsRfun - Jun 13, 2021 -
Got it! but still too wacky with letter entry. Only way to get to bonus phrase was 1 click at a time.. carefully. If you ever miss a letter, its may be impossible to solve.
bladerunner750 - Jun 13, 2021 -
Solved the puzzle in seconds, then spent the rest of my time wrestling with the damn letters that move around however they feel like it. What a PITA. If a letter is already part of the word, it should be able to move around in the word to form the solution. Don't see why it has to move up above and down again.
suenett - Jun 12, 2021 -
Love all these games but spend most time X-ing the adverts to be able to see the screen! I understand ads keep the site "free to play" but, now there are more ads, they are MORE obtrusive.
Tagged as: Challenging


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