Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Save the Magic Realm!
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Game Info & Requirements

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Embark upon an epic quest to save the Magic Realm in this delightful hidden object game! Play as Brunhilda and, with the help of your friendly demon companion, explore enchanted scenes, collect objects, and play mini-games to save the world. Use your new-found powers to visit the Flying University, talk to dragons, and crash a flying broom! The full version of Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal features:

  • 10 enchanted chapters to explore
  • Arcane mini-games
  • A magical adventure!

Use your powers of observation to save the Magic Realm when you download the free trial of Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal!


Use the mouse to find hidden objects and solve puzzles.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
1.0 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM
160 MB free disc space
DirectX 8


Developed by: Twin Bottles
Published by: Codeminion

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 4.02
  • 4.02
Anonymous - Dec 22, 2012 -
This was one of the best HO games I've played. It has a great story and is a longer game. I didn't want it to end. Didn't end abruptly like so many of these do and made sense. I'd love to have more like this one.
Anonymous - Oct 29, 2012 -
Really good game until i got to 9th chapter then just froze i restarted my pc and still no luck i was very p***d off as until then it was a great game
Anonymous - Oct 21, 2012 -
Really liked this game. Demon wasn't too annoying. Nice graphics. Didn't need the walkthrough very often while with most I have to check the walkthrough constantly.
Anonymous - Jul 25, 2012 -
beautiful game with a good story... i guess. every time i closed it, it wouldn't save. i started over so much it wasn't worth finishing. it had potential though
Anonymous - Mar 16, 2012 -
I loved this game!!! Great graphics, cute story and so much fun to play.


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