Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

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Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

Find your missing father and solve this Mayan mystery!
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Game Info & Requirements

Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

Jennifer Wolf leaves San Francisco to join her father on the archaeological dig he is leading in Mexico. When she arrives on site, she can't find any trace of him and all his belongings have been ransacked. Prior to his disappearance, he managed to hide a manuscript dating from the 16th century which tells of the last sacred Mayan calendar which had been broken up into five separate fragments and entrusted to selected guardians to ensure its protection. As Jennifer Wolf, it is now your mission to find your father and these precious Mayan relics. You will examine archaeological sites, cross the Mexican jungle, take an in-depth look at Monument Valley, pursue your investigation as far as Washington and uncover yet more secrets in a wide range of locations steeped in mystery. The full version of Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics features:

  • Fantastic historical locations
  • A keep-you-guessing plot
  • Loads of tricky mini-games

Test your archeological chops when you download the free trial of Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics!


Use the mouse to find hidden objects and play mini-games.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
1 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
203 MB free disk space
DirectX 8.1
256 MB video RAM


Developed by: Mzone/Solilab
Published by Anuman Interactive

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  • 2.3
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