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An ancient secret lies at the heart of Zuma.
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Game Info & Requirements


An ancient secret lies at the heart of Zuma! Can you steady your aim and calm your mind to unlock the mysteries of Zuma's hidden temples? We think you're up for the challenge. Just match the rolling balls to eliminate them before they reach the dreadful skull, or you'll lose a life and Zuma will have its revenge!

Unlock the mystery of Zuma today.

Keep the adventure going in Zuma's Revenge™!

©2000-2006 PopCap Games, Inc. All rights reserved. PopCap Games and Zuma are registered trademarks of PopCap Games, Inc.


How do you eliminate balls? Easy! When there is a group of three or more balls of the same color touching, they explode! Practice your aim to make sets quickly and efficiently!

See the Readme with the game for more details.

Minimum Requirements:

Zuma Online
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
DirectX 7
Pentium II 350 MHz


Developed by: PopCap

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Anonymous - Mar 25, 2020 -
yeah it's zuma what do you expect
Anonymous - Mar 5, 2017 -
so ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** ***************************** **********!!!!!!!
Anonymous - Jan 16, 2017 -
Not available in Chrome..That sucks!
Anonymous - May 18, 2016 -
Why is this not available on Chrome??? It's a great game, and I'd like to play it again.
Anonymous - Aug 27, 2013 -
kiss your hand 6x post this under 6 games and you will find an ipod under your pillow


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