Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe

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Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe

Run the very first deli!
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Game Info & Requirements

Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe

Use your time management skills to run the world's very first deli! After her uncle invents the sandwich, Elise decides to try her hand at selling them to the lords and ladies of the village. Play as Elise and make each sandwich to order as quickly as you can to keep customers happy and maximize your profits. Use the money you make to upgrade your shop and buy extra ingredients. The full version of Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe features:

  • Lots of ingredients and shoppe upgrades
  • 48 progressive levels
  • Timed or Untimed modes, plus unlockable Hard mode

Master the art of old English sandwichry when you download the free trial of Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe today!


Use the mouse to make sandwiches and serve customers. Use the money you make to upgrade your shoppe.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
1 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM
27 MB free disc space
DirectX 8


Developed by: Mean Hamster Software
Published by: Big Fish Games, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.66
  • 3.66
Anonymous - Mar 22, 2013 -
I give this game kudos solely because it's challenging but after about fifteen levels you may find yourself downloading another game.
Anonymous - Jul 2, 2012 -
I loved this game! It got a little repetitive at times, but was still fun.
Anonymous - Jun 16, 2012 -
I've probably written a review already but this is the 4th time I have played this game.LOVE IT. Graphics? Who cares. The game runs without a problem, never slow.Loads super quick and progresses at a quick pace. It's a keeper.
Anonymous - May 12, 2012 -
wish they had the sequel out!
Anonymous - Jan 7, 2012 -
love this game - not too hard to get expert on every level either


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