Wordy Night

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Anonymous - Jan 30, 2020 -
Just did it for the first time today, and didn't stop until I got all 40. Some of the larger ones were relatively easy - look for unusual combinations of letters that suggest a word. But I can see it would not be for everyone.
Anonymous - Jan 21, 2020 -
I can't get this game. It kinda get on your nerves trying to fit the words correctly.
Anonymous - Dec 19, 2019 -
LOVED this game!
Anonymous - Mar 22, 2019 -
Meh - agree with littlepeaks. Seen something like this before. More annoying than challenging, but CAN be challenging. Notfor me. Bye.
Anonymous - Mar 16, 2019 -
Got same wording as SW Daily MahJong: cdn2.addictinggames**** refused to connect. Don't expect this to happen with Chrome. DB2o


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