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Anonymous - Jun 14, 2020 -
All that effort and energy and my total and/or submit encountered a server error. What a whizz.
Anonymous - Oct 5, 2019 -
agree with RubyPort
Anonymous - Jun 26, 2018 -
Two other things: 1. I am also having trouble submitting my score. That function is not working. 2. It's also very frustrating that the game does not automatically use unused letters. It's really frustrating when you have multiples of the same letter and you have to keep stopping and clicking to get it to use them all. And if it's an unusual letter - like having 2 Qs - you're *****ed if you forget to click and make sure they are both used.
Anonymous - Jun 26, 2018 -
Love this game, but it needs a better dictionary! So many words that any word puzzle fan knows are not accepted.
Anonymous - Nov 12, 2016 -
I am having trouble submitting my score also. I get to the part where I can submit and enter all the info and it just keeps on saying submitting........ then nothing happens. Other than that... so far this game seems kind of fun. BTW I think the title of the game is supposed to be misspelled.


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