The Wall - Medieval Heroes

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The Wall - Medieval Heroes

My Lord! We're under attack!
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Game Info & Requirements

The Wall - Medieval Heroes

Your village is besieged by aggressive, jealous barbarians - are you ready to defend it? Discover a new game genre that combines tower defense and resource management with The Wall: Medieval Heroes.
With a wide variety of units, towers and traps to choose from, you will have to find the best ways of diverting, slicing, exploding, poisoning and incinerating an infinite army of aggressive, jealous enemies. Recruit mortars, archers, powerful cavaliers, crazy saboteurs, terrifying warriors and shifty assassins, and stand fast! All hell is going to break loose in this rural idyll, with 8 villages and 7 game modes that you can play and replay as you wish!
The Wall - Medieval Heroes features:

  • 14 different units to unlock
  • Many possible improvements according to your attacking style!
  • A smart combination of tower defense and strategy
  • 8 different villages to unlock
  • 7 game modes for an extended challenge
  • Defend your village!

Use the mouse to protect your village from attack. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP
2.4 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
336 MB free disk space


Developed by: Little Worlds Studio
Published by: Anuman Interactive

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 2.42
  • 2.42
Anonymous - Jul 30, 2014 -
Not too bad!
Anonymous - Jul 27, 2014 -
I am getting sick of not being able to download games from shockwave. Stop putting malware in the games so that I can play. If not I will have to cancel my account!!! I don't see the point of paying for games that will not download because you want to see all my business!!!!
Anonymous - Jul 23, 2014 -
I like the game. It is different than what we have been getting. It does get a bit repetitive but I think they are on the right track
Anonymous - Jul 18, 2014 -
Apparently the download includes an Adware/Malware with the game. OpenCandy is the extra unasked for software. AVG prevents loading the game and OpenCandy did verify as software that should not be included in a download especially without warning and agreement.
Anonymous - Jul 13, 2014 -
Just awful. Poor to zero instructions. Was not able to proceed very far because attacks occurred before I could do anything in the town to prepare. This due to poor to nil instructions. The enemy reached gates and that was it. Not fun at all. Graphics were archaic as well.


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