Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2

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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2

Experience an awesome outdoor adventure!
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Game Info & Requirements

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2

The Chief Ranger and his staff are all set for another truly sensational Vacation Adventure in the great outdoors. Explore Pinecreek's many new features and facilities including the Natural History Museum, mountain Cable Cars, and Treetops Restaurant. Walk across a stunning Rope Bridge, through Giant Sequoias, along Cherokee River, beside beautiful Waterfalls and even take time out to pan for gold on Golden Pond. The new Cable Car is already being used by Climbers, Trail Bikers and Hikers who stop by the Base Camp lodge before they go further up into the mountains. There's even time for some fishing, but beware the Hot August nights and the notorious Fire season!
The new East Gate entrance is now open to the public so the Ranger checks everything is ready for today's visitors then heads up to the Ranger station to get an update on the latest Warnings and Alerts. The first job is to check out the Cable Car is working well and then go along to Cherokee river where people have already started fishing. Passing the Park's famous Old Man Rock, fire has been seen but will it just be a small threat or not ... the Ranger needs to find out. If fire does break out you will have to help the Fire Rangers deal with the devastating effects of forest fires in the park.
After leaving the Park's main area, the Ranger heads over to Bluewaters lake then up into the hills and along the way finds that some College Students have uncovered some amazing Fossils and Bones. Next, the Ranger rides the Cable Car and walks past Pinecreeks's famous Balancing Rock and across the incredible Rope Bridge before taking a break to have snack in Treetops. Then it's time to check out the Park's Lagoons, then Old Blowhard the world renowned Geyser and next the stunning Caves and Volcanic Mud Pools.
After arriving back at the Visitor Centre, the Ranger checks out the Souvenir shop and is told by the Chief to check out a Wall Map of all the Nation's National Parks because he has a big surprise in store ... but what will it be?
Spot 100s of native Animals, Birds, Fish and other Wildlife. Check out what you spot by reviewing a unique and wonderfully illustrated Wildlife Notebook. Protect the environment and get special achievement awards throughout the game as you go along. With over 1000 objects to find and over 200 unique wildlife creatures to spot, Vacation Adventures : Park Ranger 2 will give endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment for All players of All Ages!
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 features:

  • Exceptionally Enjoyable and Entertaining
  • Gorgeous Graphics and Gameplay
  • Achievement Awards Throughout
  • Unique & Illustrated Wildlife Notebook

Experience the original outdoor adventure in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger !


Use the mouse to solve different types of puzzles. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
1.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c
32 MB video RAM
150 MB free disk space


Developed by: Casual Arts

Ratings & Reviews

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  • 3.32
  • 3.32
laserenissima - Feb 2, 2022 -
Not too difficult, pleasant locations, worthy goals.
Tagged as: Easy, Serious, Unique
laserenissima - Feb 2, 2022 -
Not very difficult, pleasant surroundings, worthy goals.
Tagged as: Easy, Serious, Unique
Anonymous - Feb 19, 2016 -
I might like these games if the scenes weren't so blurry. I've noticed this in many other HO games. I play until I'm nearly blind because of the blurred scenes. I gave up on this one when I couldn't "Fix the plank". I clicked and looked around but gave up.
Anonymous - Dec 13, 2014 -
Straightforward HO game, I liked looking for the items to recycle and the animals in each scene. Mini games fairly easy. Beautiful graphics. Looking forward to the next in the series.
Anonymous - Jul 9, 2014 -
Pretty easy HO game, mini games not that fun, a lot of jigsaw like puzzles. Kept my interest.


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