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ShockwaveFriends - Jan 2, 2023 -
Our syndication deal with UClick expired on 12/31/22. While we are disappointed that we cannot keep these titles on our site, please be assured that we are working on finding replacement content that will match or improve upon those titles. We thank you for your continued support of Shockwave and look forward to presenting you with a new and improved Shockwave experience in 2023. Please do check out our other titles like Daily Anagram, Word Hunt, Pictoid, Inklink, and Daily Wordup.
andihoff - Jan 2, 2023 -
The 1959 movie for hint 7 does star James Garner.
Tagged as: Quick
jeannes780 - Jan 2, 2023 -
The clue for hint number 7 is incorrect. It is Cary Grant.
andihoff - Dec 26, 2022 -
Malcom in the Middle was a TV show in the early 2000s starring Bryan Cranston.
Tagged as: Quick
sapphireraptor - Dec 26, 2022 -
what is malcolm in the middle? we played piggy in the middle where the person needed to intercept a ball thrown over their head, is it the same?


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