Tropix™ 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana

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Tropix™ 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana

Go Bananas!
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Game Info & Requirements

Tropix™ 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana

Take a tropical trip to fun and games in this super sequel featuring everyone's favorite monkey! Play Tropix favorites like Coco Bowl, Cascade, and Puffer Popper or try your hand at all-new games like Ice Cream Parlor, Stone Stacker, Fish Swap and more. Win sand dollars to spruce up your island and build a raft to reach more games! The full version of Tropix™ 2 features:

  • 8 unique games
  • Multiple islands to decorate
  • A fun Tropix 2 screensaver

Pack your bags for an island-hopping adventure when you play today!

Take a tropical trip to gaming fun when you play the original Tropix!


Play minigames to earn sand dollars, then buy items to decorate your island. Advance to unlock other games and treasures.

See in-game help for detailed instructions

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Macintosh OS X (online version only)
500 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
DirectX 7
32 MB video RAM
80 MB free disc space

Online version requires Flash Player 9


Developed by: Robot Super Brain, LLC
Published by: GameHouse, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

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  • 4.27
  • 4.27
sanjuanvinny - Nov 21, 2021 -
I have Windows 10 and at first couldn't get this game to run, but I played it years back and knew it was worth a little experimenting. I got it to work on my computer by right clicking on the game icon and selecting "run as administrator." :)
Tagged as: Addictive, Cute, Unique
sanjuanvinny - Nov 21, 2021 -
I have played this game through multiple times over the years. Lots of fun! :)
Tagged as: Addictive, Cute, Unique
dom5721 - Sep 2, 2021 -
Have played tropix 1 and runs perfect on windows 10 straight away, but for some reason tropix 2 installs but doesnt run. it opens and force closes a few seconds later. have contacted support but they are just saying its not compatible with windows 10.. but the old one is so why not 2? ive never played tropix 2 and this is a shame :( please get it fixed!
Anonymous - Jul 8, 2019 -
Dont get me wrong I love this game but I just cant play it like I start up the game it acts like its going to work then it closes the same thing happens with horatios travel
Anonymous - Nov 27, 2012 -


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