A Tale of Two Yetis

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Anonymous - May 15, 2018 -
Horrible. Nothing works. Not intuitive. How on earth did it get a 3.41 star rating???
Anonymous - Mar 7, 2018 -
A different escape game & was OK, you have to get it right to use the objects & make them interact. I had trouble with the final bit though. Keep your 'fren' (lol) but click above the pile & voila!
Anonymous - Jan 17, 2017 -
Objects don't toggle and interact
Anonymous - Dec 20, 2016 -
I couldn't get any of the objects to interact with anything, and the 'descriptions' of the items your inventory don't say anything besides what the item is. The game itself had a boring storyline, and the game lagged so much I couldn't do much.
Anonymous - Nov 16, 2016 -
Fun but very buggy. Objects don't interact properly.


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