Sara's Super Spa - Vegas Style

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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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  • 4.56
tedra14 - Aug 20, 2022 -
why did yall cancel the best game i ever played in high school. like Why??????
Anonymous - May 29, 2020 -
The ads are ruining one of my favorite games. This whole website is running a LOT slower. Every time the ads change over, the game freezes. It's very annoying.
Anonymous - Jan 9, 2018 -
It'd be nice if they made it a one-year trial and had 365 days. It'd be nice to at least have more than 20 days!
Anonymous - Jan 4, 2018 -
I play this game to relax but this game is NOT relazing- but very fun!
Anonymous - Sep 18, 2017 -
awesome game but how you expand the shop?


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