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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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ShockwaveGames - Apr 6, 2021 -
Apologies for the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, this game is no longer available as Adobe has blocked the use of flash. Please check out our other sudoku games like Daily Sudoku and Shockwave Daily Sudoku.
pixlpixy - Apr 6, 2021 -
Have not been able to launch this game since flashplayer stopped being needed. This site still asks for it, then takes you to a page that says to uninstall that file from your computer. I did that, but now I just get stuck in the same loop. So sad to lose this game. It was my favorite.
ShockwaveGames - Jan 10, 2021 -
Files for the rest of December are up. Thanks and apology for the error.
ShockwaveGames - Jan 10, 2021 -
Hello Everyone. We understand the game is missing today's content. For some reason we received January's content but not the rest of December. We reached out to the developer for the missing files. We'll post here again once they're up.
Anonymous - Oct 3, 2020 -
camie - as stated previously, please contact us directly if you are having issues. The emails we received were about missing files, not flash. If you are having an issue with the flash, then please contact us to troubleshoot. Thank you.


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