SNOOP Challenge

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Categories: Hidden Object Puzzle
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diamond36 - Jul 13, 2021 -
OMG...No more tiny flags!
Tagged as: Challenging, Mindless, Tedious
jrochest - Jun 27, 2021 -
Very nice, lots of fun but BLINDINGLY hard in the upper levels -- teeny weeny images on a magic eye style field is a bit painful. I'm at level 40, and it lets me save my progress rather than start over every time -- but I'm a signed in Shockwave member, so maybe that's the difference.
autumn15 - Jun 4, 2021 -
There are too many levels to play on this game. It gets boring by the 10th level.
Tagged as: Long, Mindless, Tedious
thePuzzMaster - May 25, 2021 -
Mandina - we're not able to comment without submitting a rating...this is how the site works. While I recognize the oddity of this scenario, it's the only way we can respond to comments directly in the reviews. Would it seem more appropriate if we gave less than a 5 star rating? Even though we happen to be particularly proud of this game? Happy puzzling!
Mandina - May 25, 2021 -
Some of these levels are HARD! But I'm at level 32 now. thePuzzMaster, while I appreciate your comments, why are you rating the game? That doesn't seem right.


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