Slingo Quest Egypt

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Slingo Quest Egypt

Beat the Devil!
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Game Info & Requirements

Slingo Quest Egypt

Slingo Quest Egypt is the latest adventure in the award-winning Slingo Quest series and it features a brand new… oh no, wait, that darn Devil just stole the best level in the game! Join the Slingo Cherubs on an exciting quest to steal it back. Along the way you'll meet a number of new Slingo Friends, each with a different Slingtastic power to share with you. Slingo your way through Egypt and discover fun new power-ups, uncover innovative new game modes, and beat the Devil at his own new mini-games! The full version of Slingo Quest Egypt features:

  • New power-ups!
  • New friends!
  • New Awards!

Go on the greatest Slingo Quest of them all when you play today!

Go on a Quest to paradise in Slingo Quest Hawaii or travel through the Amazon to save the Joker in Slingo Quest Amazon!


Click the spin button to start the slots. Click the corresponding numbers on the board to remove them.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
600 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM
88 MB free disc space
DirectX 7


Developed by: Funkitron, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.98
  • 3.98
Anonymous - Apr 10, 2014 -
im sure im one of the select few who actually liked this game, sure it's not one of the best slingo games out there, it's not top notch but for what it is it's a good time waster.
Anonymous - Nov 5, 2012 -
I liked the Slingo Quest, the tropical one. This one, however, is horrible. It doesn't seem like the numbers or anything else are random and the boards have too much going on that doesn't make sense. It is too complicated for what used to be a simple and fun game. Whoever made all the changes to this one should be taken out back and shot.
Anonymous - Oct 21, 2011 -
i played the amazon slingo first and i have to say i liked that one much better. the power ups on this one were not very helpful and the mini games were more about chance than skill.
Anonymous - Dec 11, 2010 -
Did not find this version in the least bit boring. I enjoyed it as much as the other Slingo games. The Egyptian angle and storyline is cute and adds a little something to the game play. Recommended!
Anonymous - Sep 25, 2010 -
This game really rocks! You have to get the Amazon and Atlantis games as well, SW.


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