Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives

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Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives

A tricky case for real foodie detectives!
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Game Info & Requirements

Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives

The Walkers have always had a dream to open a family restaurant. The plan has been put in motion, and our heroes knew exactly what they needed: a place with a cozy atmosphere, uplifting music, tasty recipes from the traveler's journal and that mouth-watering scent of meals made with love. With days before the grand opening they suddenly discovered that their family restaurant had been robbed! Someone must have broken into the restaurant at night to steal the ingredients and recipes... But as we all know, the Walkers aren't going to give up that easily. Together they will begin an investigation to search for the missing recipes and catch the thief! Are you ready to join the animal entrepreneurs on this mission and help solve the crime before the grand opening?


Use the mouse to find hidden objects to complete objectives. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
2 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
256 MB video RAM
235 MB free disk space


Published by: Jetdogs Studios

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Anonymous - Aug 29, 2020 -
These games put me in the zone and take away the weeks problems. Thank you SW.
Anonymous - Aug 13, 2020 -
I enjoy these sort of games. Relaxing way to pass the time. Shockwave needs to release more hidden object games like these.
Anonymous - Aug 10, 2020 -
This is really boring, same old stuff with different shapes, lousy hidden object game. Maybe some one will like it.
Anonymous - Aug 9, 2020 -
This must be geared for children to learn shapes and groupings. It requires one to move objects around the screen to find pairs or to find food objects that fit a category and to discover "stars" that add points. I did not try the "hard" category, but I doubt it would add much interest. I would have liked to skip to a later screen to see if it gets better, but the five I did complete were extremely boring.
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