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orinocowomble - Jan 23, 2022 -
Once again I got a Hint, clicked 3 times within the circle and was penalised each time. I don't play pixel hunt, thanks. Much more of this and this game is off my list.
MSFinMKE - Jan 21, 2022 -
:38.63, but SB shows I'm last.
Tagged as: Challenging
orinocowomble - Jan 21, 2022 -
1:19 "75/74" but the list goes down to 100 and I'm nowhere on it. It maybe "only a game" but when said game doesn't even work properly it's annoying.
WildGooseChase - Jan 20, 2022 -
I too am #75 out of 74 today. Finished in 79 seconds with no hints or oops - which is good for me...
Tagged as: Challenging, Serious
612bridge - Jan 20, 2022 -
Have to laugh, the rankings say I am "#75 out of 74". LOL My name shows at #3 but the rankings are all a jumble. It's only a game. Just remember, there is no shame in taking a hint! Have fun!
Tagged as: Challenging, Quick


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