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orinocowomble - Jan 14, 2022 -
SB totally crazy on this game. Says I'm 1/4, there are 50 names on the list with much shorter times than I had and I am of course nowhere on the list. Considering I had to take 3 hints, one of which was a repeater because even though I clicked 3 times where it showed, I got Ooops each time.
orinocowomble - Jan 13, 2022 -
"Submit to claim your tokens!" What tokens, we haven't had tokens for years.
MufstersMom - Jan 12, 2022 -
I had the same issue that WildGooseChase had this morning and I'd be willing to bet the farm that it was in the same place.
WildGooseChase - Jan 12, 2022 -
So I had a hard time being “precise” enough in my clicks on the tablecloth which added 30 - 40 seconds to my time. Lost count!
Tagged as: Challenging, Serious
orinocowomble - Jan 12, 2022 -
2H needed. SB is crazy, list says I'm 4/6, top says 3/6. Get it together SW.


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