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miezi - Sep 22, 2021 -
Tagged as: Easy, Great Graphics
margoian - May 25, 2021 -
How come my team members mostly or never take cards from the face down pile but always the face up pile. Ive been watching Phil - he never takes from the stock!!
Anonymous - Nov 29, 2020 -
melding is a problem some times I have a run (345) but there is 3 of a kind on the board (333)so it won't let me post my run instead post the 3, Also why do the other player take the discard and then set it back down it put the game at an endless loop.
Anonymous - May 10, 2020 -
I think melding off should be the default, and when you're done with your move, then you click to discard. So many discards in error! And I don't need the pop up reminder on every single draw of every hand. I would love the ability to turn off the hints.
Anonymous - Apr 20, 2020 -
And the other players are erratic. My last game - everyone had only one card. One player took a 5, and melded a king to win. Now, she had to have had that king all along, but this was the first she put it down?


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