Shockwave Original Daily Jigsaw Puzzler

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PuzzleLove - Nov 25, 2022 -
If it worked it might be good. Piece get stuck and you absolutely can't move them... annoying.
Tiberia - Nov 5, 2022 -
Once you pick a piece up and move it to another place, it will not let you pick it up again, even though it is obviously not in the proper place. Stupid Game.
ShockwaveFriends - Sep 20, 2022 -
Hello everyone! It's the anniversary of our sister site, AddictingGames. Did you know we launched a merch store? You can buy an actual Shockwave jigsaw puzzle. And for the AddictingGames' anniversary, use the code during checkout: AddictingGames20th. Come celebrate with us!:
SoCalSal - Aug 18, 2022 -
The mouse function doesn't seem to work. Most of the time I try clicking on a piece I just moved and nothing happens. It is just stuck there. Plus why can't we switch it to full screen so we have more room?
Maggy611 - Jul 3, 2022 -
I'm glad there was a name of the place in the picture! Googled "Le Franklin Hotel" and found out it's in Paris, France. It's ALWAYS nice to know what and where the images are from.
Tagged as: Addictive, Great Graphics


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