Shockwave Original Daily Jigsaw Puzzler

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teeto - Jun 6, 2021 -
I just tried this one for the first time since all this nonsense started and I can't even get this one to play yesterday's, much less today's or tomorrow's. Page not responding error. At least all the games load from Daily Jigsaw, which is my favorite anyway:)
CadeauNoelle1960 - Jun 4, 2021 -
Sometimes the intertwined arrows don't work at the end of the game and I must leave without ending. So disappointing ! Has somebody the key ?
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
teeto - Jun 1, 2021 -
It's ridiculously easy to solve when you choose 35 pieces in the settings...the3bars at the top left. I do agree there should be a little more playing space. also all the pieces have the same shape. Thanks to the players for the tip on how to get "stuck "pieces.
Klinsm - May 25, 2021 -
Well, good for polygonpeg. No clue how he/she solves this challenging puzzle in less time that it takes her/him to solve some of the other daily puzzles. I enjoy this one because it's so challenging. Good for you polygonpeg for cheating!
CadeauNoelle1960 - May 2, 2021 -
it's right clicking on the mouse that get the pieces stuck. Click the intertwined arrows and they will be alive again. Many thanks to MontyCrystal for these arrows
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging


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