Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

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Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

Save your friend from the Demon of Darkness!
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Game Info & Requirements

Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

Save your friend from the Demon of Darkness in Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain! Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery. Battle the dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend in this macabre hidden object puzzle adventure game!


Use the mouse to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
1.0 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
128 MB video RAM
475 MB free disk space


Developed by: Orneon Limited
Published by: Big Fish Games

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.13
  • 3.13
teeto - Jul 20, 2021 -
I absolutely love this game! No map and vague hints make it an excellent adventurous challenge. really gives your memory and problem solving skills a work out, but the many inventory items and tasks to preform make sense and have a good flow. there are a lot of logical fantastic puzzles and a cool twist on the HO parts. There are other features which are different than any game which I've played and I am a huge fan of adventure type HO games, so I have played a LOT of them.
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Serious
teeto - Jul 18, 2021 -
No map? No problem. Where's your sense of adventure?...
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Serious
Anonymous - Dec 31, 2016 -
great game - love all the puzzles - it went with the story. no trouble downloading or playing it.
Anonymous - Jun 18, 2016 -
To many puzzles
Anonymous - May 22, 2016 -
I really liked this game. The only draw back was no map. A lot of going back and forth. Otherwise, had a lot of mini puzzles, hidden object, and good stuff that was different. i enjoyed it very much.


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