Rally Point 2

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ShockwaveFriends - Dec 17, 2021 -
This game has just been updated to HMTL. Let us know what you think!
Anonymous - Mar 23, 2020 -
Great game! Really epic
Anonymous - Jan 23, 2020 -
Good game, simple and easy. But don't hold it too long as the Flash is going to die in by the end of 2020 and we will lose every Flash internet game you could imagine... This site is probably going down too...
Anonymous - Sep 6, 2019 -
Childhood game, it's great to play it again after all these years. I played Rally Point 2 on freegame66
Anonymous - Aug 12, 2019 -
This isn't the best Rally Point game, as its too short for me and quite easy. And if you are wondering why it didn't got removed, Well that's because its made on Flash, not on Shockwave. This will change in the end of 2020 so play all your games you can until the of Flash and of this site, as it only has some Flash games left...


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