Puzzle Popper

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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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Anonymous - Sep 16, 2019 -
About 4 years of asking for more. Contacted Support Team but no results or reasons why. It would be a great Daily Game.
Anonymous - Apr 10, 2017 -
Awesome- we love Shockwave daily puzzle however, PuzzlePopper is another lvl of F U N
Anonymous - Oct 18, 2016 -
Is this for children? I am 1st in all my attempts!
Anonymous - Feb 15, 2016 -
This was the first time I played this game and it is great practice for eye-hand coordination. I would love to play this game every day with different puzzles!!
Anonymous - Nov 26, 2015 -
beecbee: It's tricky. Look for a faint outline of the pieces on the background. When you get a piece placed exactly right, it will stay put.


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