Pirates Match 3

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Maggy611 - Sep 16, 2021 -
Dear Skeleton Monster Thing, please die when I zap you. I have been stuck in Jungle Level 21 for days!!!
Tagged as: Addictive, Long, Tedious
Maggy611 - Sep 15, 2021 -
Finally finished the first 62 levels only to find out that there are an ADDITIONAL 72 levels left to complete the game
Tagged as: Addictive, Long, Tedious
Blondie30 - Aug 26, 2021 -
Hurray !! it took me 3 days to beat this game :))
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Cute
zizzybalooba1 - Aug 22, 2021 -
Love the game and the music! My husband can't stand the parrot but oh well!
Tagged as: Addictive, Easy, Funny
Maggy611 - Jul 26, 2021 -
Hello Sinfreecats, I haven't been on the site in about a week. Glad you were able to finish the game! Right now I am stuck on level 57.
Tagged as: Addictive, Long, Tedious


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