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Kittyonmylap - Sep 18, 2022 -
I've been drawn back to Patchworkz after many years. Is it possible I remember it maybe 20 years ago?
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique
rjn1111 - Apr 1, 2022 -
What does the message WebGL not available mean? Restarted my browser several times. Still nothing for this game.
suzi14u2 - Jan 31, 2022 -
Addicting and fun.
psjones999 - Oct 20, 2021 -
This update with the fake competition is bad enough with slowing down the game. But today I played an opponent whose name was a homophobic slur. This is beyond offensive!
MontyCrystal - Sep 16, 2021 -
Been loving this game for years. I never get tired of it.


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