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bee1dee - Jun 28, 2021 -
I got all the way up to 40, and completed with well over 330000, submitted it, and it shown nowhere on the all-time high scores. Where did you stick it?
Tagged as: Unique
Anonymous - Nov 4, 2020 -
Okay, I was up to level 36, failed it a couple of times and the next time I decided to play it I was back to level 1. I just worked my way back up to level 26 and had to turn my computer off for the night. Just turned it back on and I'm on level 1 again!! DID NOT SAVE MY PROGRESS!!
Anonymous - Oct 24, 2020 -
Def saves my progress but much harder to beat than the similar games. Finished it twice and will probably be back in a few weeks to try again.
Anonymous - Sep 10, 2020 -
It's been saving my progress as long as I don't wait a week or two. This one is much more challenging for me, haven't made it past level 20, and that one took me about a dozen tries. Just about to become frustrating for me.
Anonymous - Jul 21, 2020 -
jrochest - that's part of the challenge. If you fail, you start from level 1.


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