Mystic Rollers

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Anonymous - Feb 15, 2015 -
never boring always challenging have been playing this game for many years when I get tired of a game I always come back to this one love it every step on this game is different
Anonymous - May 9, 2012 -
Use your head just enough to make it interesting,fun,and relaxing.I sign up just so I can play thirten games I cant find any where els, including this one.Love it.
Anonymous - Feb 3, 2012 -
Best for someone who is new at matching games, I found I didn't like this game much.
Anonymous - Nov 21, 2011 -
I wish I could purchase this game with out having to retaine my membership,Ilove it.To bad Ihad to close my account, it is to expansive,have better luck with an other site,but no "MISTIC ROLLER".Same thing with several ather games I like.Sorry for my bad spelling.
Anonymous - Sep 2, 2011 -
Hi there, how do? Jersey,- '''play by play''' to clean up your computer...1) click' start'', 2)'' all programs', 3) 'accessories' 4) 'system tools' 5) right click 'disk clean up' 6) 'send to'' 7) 'desk top (create shortcut')' 8) double click 'disk clean up' 9) a new window will come up, click 'OK' , wait until it's finished 10) click OK in the new box, 11) click YES !! -MarzZ


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