Mystery Stories: Island of Hope

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Mystery Stories: Island of Hope

Solve secrets in a tropical paradise!
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Game Info & Requirements

Mystery Stories: Island of Hope

Your island vacation is interrupted when the director of the local museum suddenly disappears as does a precious Mayan casket from the museum. Now it's up to you to search a tropical paradise for clues and piece together a Mayan mystery full of modern-day lies, intrigues and secrets. The full version of Mystery Stories: Island of Hope features:

  • 87 levels in 20 scenes
  • 2 modes of play
  • 8 bonus games

Collect evidence to crack the case when you play today!

Keep sleuthing to solve Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights.


Use the mouse to locate hidden objects, explore your surroundings, and solve puzzles.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista
1.0 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
64 MB video RAM
110 MB free disc space


Developed and Published by:

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.85
  • 3.85
Anonymous - Dec 4, 2016 -
I wonder why these Mystery Stories do not allow the full screen. That is why I rated it with 3 stars. They require to rate the game in order to post your comment. Uninstalled without playing it.
Anonymous - Apr 30, 2014 -
awful. even relaxed mode is timed.
Anonymous - Apr 29, 2012 -
Not particularly interesting, too long and the picture clarity leaves a lot to be desired
Anonymous - Sep 15, 2011 -
I have tried it once did not time to try it again hope it works.
Anonymous - Sep 13, 2011 -
Have just downloaded this game and it opened up in a small box on the top left of screen. I cant click and drag to the centre nor move it anywhere. Waste of time,


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