Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow

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Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow

A bone-chilling mystery!
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Game Info & Requirements

Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow

Discover the secrets of Sleepy Hollow and the legendary Headless Horseman in this haunted hidden object game. Search spooky scenes to unravel the story of famous characters like Ichabod Crane and his beloved Katrina. The full version of Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow features:

  • 2 ways to play
  • Creepy clues and mini-games
  • A sinister storyline

Solve a spooky mystery when you play today!


Click on a location on the map to travel to a scene. Search for hidden items in each scene and click the items to collect them. Complete all the scenes in a chapter to advance.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
1.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
DirectX 8.1
64 MB video RAM
80 MB free disc space


Developed by: pixelStorm Inc.
Published by: PlayPond

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.87
  • 3.87
Anonymous - Apr 28, 2018 -
Loved the graphics & theme but got stuck just a little bit in the game. I had to remove this game to make room for ones that won't leave me hanging.
Anonymous - Jan 27, 2016 -
Excellent HO game. Great story progression which does not intrude on game play. Some scenes have multiples where only one is needed. Use the silhouettes to find the proper one.
Anonymous - Nov 4, 2014 -
This game has nothing to do with the other Mystery Legends games out there. It is strictly a hidden object game, and the objects are difficult to find.
Anonymous - Jun 24, 2014 -
I like this game very much and I haven't finished yet. I wish Shockwave would get some of the other versions of it; however, such as Beauty and the Beast and the Phantom of the Opera, which I found on a different game site.
Anonymous - Dec 31, 2013 -
Boringggg.. where is the story? Its all HO, no thinking at all.


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