Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow

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Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow

Someone's trying to destroy Mystery Trackers headquarters!
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Game Info & Requirements

Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow

There are screams heard in Silent Hollow! There's trouble at the Mystery Trackers headquarters, and you've been called in to help. With a few extra abilities, not to mention your trusty sidekick, Elf, you just might save the day!


Use the mouse to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
2.5 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
128 MB video RAM
800 MB free disk space


Developed by: Elephant Games
Published by: Big Fish Games

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 2.89
  • 2.89
Anonymous - Jun 6, 2016 -
I really like the powers. The map was useful to get around. I really liked it.
Anonymous - Jun 2, 2016 -
I have played a lot of hidden object games, and I really didn't enjoy this one. Story wasn't as good to me, and I didn't think it was as good without a good story. Also, it seemed much more difficult to know what to do next. I think it needs work.
Anonymous - Apr 10, 2016 -
Twice I've downloaded and it takes forever, then doesn't work smoothly. Had to uninstall both times. What the ?????
Anonymous - Apr 9, 2016 -
This was a great game. There is a map that will move you around, and it will tell you if something can be done at a place you can move to. The hints are good. I am not too good with mini games so I skip most of them. The HO are easy and graphics really good. The bad review may have accidentally reviewed the wrong game.
Anonymous - Apr 7, 2016 -
I loved this game - you could always look at the map and see the areas of activity and go there instantly. I enjoyed it.


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