Mystery P.I.™ - Stolen in San Francisco

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Mystery P.I.™ - Stolen in San Francisco

Search San Francisco for $250 Million in Gold!
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Game Info & Requirements

Mystery P.I.™ - Stolen in San Francisco

$250 million in solid gold has been stolen from an armored car and you've been hired to find it before the trail goes cold! Search scenic San Francisco landmarks, from cable cars to Alcatraz, to find clues, play mini-games, and crack the case! Collect bonus items on every level to unlock an unlimited mode of play and a match 3 bonus game. Go for the Perfect Investigation to become a Master P.I.! The full version of Mystery P.I.™ - Stolen in San Francisco features:

  • 25 San Francisco locations to search
  • 3 modes of play
  • 7 unique mini-games

Find gaming gold in the City by the Bay when you download the free trial of Mystery P.I.™ - Stolen in San Francisco today!

Go across the pond to recover the stolen Crown Jewels in Mystery P.I.™ - The London Caper or save the tourist season in a New England village when you play Mystery P.I.™ - The Curious Case of Counterfeit Cove!


Use the mouse to locate hidden objects and solve puzzles.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
400 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
16 MB video RAM
53 MB free disc space
DirectX 7


Developed by: SpinTop Games
Published by: PopCap Games, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.64
  • 3.64
Anonymous - Feb 28, 2012 -
Terrific game with beautiful graphics and lots of fun things to do. It is repetitive, but I enjoy playing, to to get to the final three puzzles, to find the lost or stolen item. I play it over several days to keep from getting bored. I have enjoyed all of the games in this series. They are similar to the games in the Amazing Adventures series.
Anonymous - Feb 22, 2011 -
I totally enjoy H.O. games and this series is no exception. BUT - I bore easily with it and can only do maybe 2 or 3 episodes at a time before I have to shut it down. I do keep the challenge though and try to do each search without using a clue for those extra points.
Anonymous - Jan 7, 2011 -
Love this series. Wonderful graphics.
Anonymous - Jan 6, 2011 -
How can anyone say his game is good or enjoyable. Boring is the only word for. Got halfway through and unistalled it. Not worth anyones time.
Anonymous - Dec 21, 2010 -
It literally put me to sleep... I think the bar for HO games has risen but this series remains the same. Everything works though!


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