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Anonymous - Apr 9, 2020 -
This 'game' drives me 'nuts' .....love the 'work out' ...'.use it or lose it !
Anonymous - Mar 4, 2017 -
Fun game. Very cool how it can calculate how your mind and functions. Nice music and nice graphics. Very calming.
Anonymous - Dec 11, 2014 -
The mind surely benefits ...as it sends me nuts as i'm trying! Great workout! Good fun.
Anonymous - Oct 20, 2014 -
The game does not save my scores and asks me to sign in as a "new student" each time
Anonymous - Feb 17, 2014 -
I have a question. What is the song playing? was it written specially for this game? If not, where can I buy the track? I'm sure others have this question as well. This is a great game, and I really enjoy using it to my advantage! I can practice my skills and they help me in real life, Thanks to the creators.


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