Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition

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Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition

A new time management game about following your dreams!
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Game Info & Requirements

Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition

Maggie has always loved the movies and longs to be a film director. But when she gets her big break as the assistant director on Waves of Love, a new film from Sure Shot Pictures, the producer keeps getting in the way of her dream. Maggie has always been hard-working, honest and humble, but this environment is making it difficult for her to stay true to herself. Can she keep the show running, stay avoid the drama and follow her dream all the way to the director's chair?


Use the mouse to perform the required tasks on the set. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
1.6 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
128 MB video RAM
1.13 GB free disk space


Developed by: iWin, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.57
  • 3.57
Anonymous - Jan 4, 2020 -
Well finally got Expert on that first level, took like 100 tries!
Anonymous - Jan 1, 2020 -
Not my favorite of the ********* games, I prefer the Emily ones, but still enjoyable. Just wondering if anyone has been able to get 3 stars on Level 1 Expert? No matter what I do I can't find a way to get even close to 650 pts.
Anonymous - Jun 12, 2018 -
I actually really had fun with this one. A lot of fun twists on the usual ********* fare. I would have liked to give it five stars, but have others have mentioned the writing is so bad, it's distracting. It's not just typos and the like. It's actually difficult to understand, and since it's about making movies, I would have liked the movie "scenes" not to sound like complete nonsense. It was on the easy side, but I don't mind that.
Anonymous - Sep 4, 2017 -
I absolutely love the Emily and Heart's Medicine series but this one, for me, was a "cheap knockoff" of those type of games. I got to the third level and couldn't go on. Uninstalled.
Anonymous - Jul 8, 2017 -
Loved the story line as much as the game


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