LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife

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LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife

Help Nefertiti ascend to the afterlife!
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Game Info & Requirements

LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife

The #1 action-puzzle game is back, blasting outside Egypt's borders and onto the Silk Road in search of riches beyond imagination. When the sacred artifacts of Queen Nefertiti are robbed, her earth-bound spirit calls upon you to find them so her eternal spirit will rise. Wielding the falcon-wing shooter of Horus, you choose your own paths on an expansive journey out of Egypt. Match like-colored spheres before they reach their final destination or all will be lost. Collect power-ups and increase their potency with your earnings to help the Queen ascend to her place in the afterlife. The full version of LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife features:

  • 100 all-new Adventure mode levels
  • 18 exotic cities
  • 4 difficulty settings, including 'insane'

A great adventure awaits in this sumptuous sequel. Play today!

Keep the adventure alive when you play Luxor: Amun Rising and LUXOR Adventures!


Create matches of three or more to destroy the spheres and keep them from entering the pyramid.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
800 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
DirectX 8.1
128 MB video RAM
200 MB free disc space
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 8.1-compatible graphics card (or better)


Developed by: MumboJumbo LLC

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.99
  • 3.99
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Anonymous - Oct 13, 2011 -
I enjoy all the Luxor games, they are easy, fun, and a basic shooting game with matching up colors
Anonymous - Nov 14, 2010 -
The ten asterisks in my review was M-u-m-b-o-J-u-m-b-o , the game developer. I don't know why Shockwave would censor this word. (Maybe it's because it s-u-c-k-s)
Anonymous - Nov 12, 2010 -
Loved this game. Never played luxor games before. I iliked how it was a mixer ball and stratage games
Anonymous - Apr 17, 2010 -
********** = Mumb0Jumb0


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