Love & Death™: Bitten™

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Love & Death™: Bitten™

Heroine by day, vampire by night!
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Game Info & Requirements

Love & Death™: Bitten™

Damon, a handsome vampire cursed by an evil vampire queen, meets Victoria, a young woman determined to save her village. After their chance meeting, each discovers the other can help overcome these dire circumstances. But just as they are growing close, the vampire queen returns! Play as Victoria by day and Damon by night, solving unique puzzles, collecting and combining hidden items and unlocking secret passages to break the vampire's curse. The full version of Love & Death™: Bitten™ features:

  • 30 locations to search
  • Unique dual-character gameplay
  • 9 puzzles to solve

Will Damon and Victoria's story end in love...or death? Find out when you download the free trial of Love & Death™: Bitten™!


Use the mouse to explore scenes, collect hidden objects, and play mini-games.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
1.2 GHz processor
256 MB RAM (1 GB for Windows 7 or Vista)
128 MB video RAM
195 MB free disc space
DirectX 9.0


Developed by: PlayFirst, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 4.49
  • 4.49
Anonymous - Jun 1, 2017 -
Its ok. No map and the story line is meh.
Anonymous - Feb 27, 2017 -
Beautiful graphics, BUT for the most part the only way to get objects is to finish off an HO...way too many HOs...and then many HOs have objects out of focus or hidden in the darkness. No map so it's tedious. Could be a great game with some tweeking.
Anonymous - Nov 11, 2016 -
I am not very fond of hidden object games, but the story and the feel of this game made me want to play it, and I did not regret it! The puzzles weren't too hard and the story was engaging. A fair warning, the story ends with a cliffhanger and there isn't a sequel yet, and there might never be.
Anonymous - Jul 24, 2015 -
I've played this game twice now. There's just something about the story that keeps me coming back every 6 months to play it all over again. LOL Great puzzles and the HO were challenging enough but still fun. The story is what pulls me in, though.
Anonymous - Jun 20, 2015 -
This game is terrific and unique. The plot and dialogue is great. Damon and Victoria are great characters. The character development is wonderful. I love this game. I hope for a sequel.


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