Let's Get Cookin' for Thanksgivin'

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Anonymous - Feb 7, 2018 -
This game is extremely fun. i wrote down some of the recipes from this and the first Lets get Cookin' game. Its very fun, simple, and helpful!
Anonymous - Mar 8, 2017 -
This game is horrile!! The graphics and planning to this game are disapointing. Am nevergoing to ever play this game again.
Anonymous - Dec 19, 2016 -
How do I get out to the next instruction when the inventory is full and i need one more item
Anonymous - Jul 12, 2016 -
short, but very worth playing! probably the best lets get cookin game. its very addicting, fun, (if you like cooking,) and you can actually do the recipies in real life from the game! i soo reccomend this to cookers.
Anonymous - Jun 20, 2016 -


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