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Nokanda - Sep 6, 2021 -
At level 28 and even though I have the solution right I can't find the "right" combination of identical pieces. I have no patience for this so I'm dropping this game.
Anonymous - Sep 17, 2020 -
I agree with other reviewers. Unless a piece is in the specific spot the developers put it in, the puzzle won't solve. Level 34, where I stuck, has 4 pieces of one type, 3 of another, and 2 of 2 each. That's 48 different combinations, so even though I've got the loops done correctly, it's not "solved".
Anonymous - Jul 9, 2020 -
Dropping this after level 28. There's too many identical pieces to figure out what the exact order this game wants them to go in.
Anonymous - Jun 6, 2020 -
Seems to be working now.
Anonymous - Jun 3, 2020 -
Getting nothing but a black screen today.


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