Daily Jigsaw: Travels

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jbholly - Aug 13, 2022 -
Indeed, quite an impressive cathedral which took me the better part of an hour to work!
Kittyonmylap - Aug 12, 2022 -
Wow! Saturday was a doozie!
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique
jbholly - Aug 12, 2022 -
Kittyonmylap, same here - had no idea until completed - something different for a unique change of subject matter which I liked.
Kittyonmylap - Aug 11, 2022 -
Friday's relief model is interesting. I didn't realize what that was until I finished.
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique
jbholly - Aug 8, 2022 -
Quick & easy, except for Bonus 2 which initially from only looking at the thumbnail pic I thought was a beach scene with people versus goats in the desert road.


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