Daily Jigsaw: Travels

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brollie - Jan 17, 2022 -
Kittyoml, I never seem to be able to complete a set within a week, too much running around to do I'm still in Iran. I am watching the Oz Open I wondered if you were :-). What a ruckus surrounding ND it has dominated the news I'm glad it's finished..
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
jbholly - Jan 17, 2022 -
I easily, breezily whizzed along in Kashan until Bonus 1 slowed me down a bit, but then Bonus 2 nearly brought me to a screeching halt ~ finished at a snail's pace which is about how fast I'm able to walk nowadays!
Kittyonmylap - Jan 17, 2022 -
Brollie, are you still here? I'm watching the AO!
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique
lisarah - Jan 17, 2022 -
The bonuses were quite hard this week, but at least I could finish the set.
nbdysfool - Jan 15, 2022 -
This week I played one or two puzzles, then closed my browser without signing out. When I came back the next day it was still on medium (PTL) and has been even if I wait two or three days. Go figure!


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