Jewel Quest® Solitaire III

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Jewel Quest® Solitaire III

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Game Info & Requirements

Jewel Quest® Solitaire III

Welcome to another exciting Jewel Quest adventure. This time, Rupert and Emma's friend Ratu has made an amazing discovery that leads to intrigue and danger when his assistant is kidnapped by thugs. Play through games of solitaire and jewel matching in Quest mode to collect clues and power-ups like x-ray vision for un-played cards, re-shuffling of your stockpile, or wild cards. The full version of Jewel Quest® Solitaire III features:

  • 100 boards of solitaire and match 3 gameplay
  • Full Quest or Just Cards modes of play
  • 8 unique power-ups

Keep the Quest alive when you play today!

See how the Quest began in Jewel Quest® Solitaire II.


The goal is to move all cards to the foundation piles. Cards placed on the foundation piles must be in ascending order starting with an ace. Cards placed on the layout must be in descending order. A suit may be played on any suit other than its own.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
1.0 GHz processor
Macintosh OS 9/OS X (online version only)
DirectX 7
16 MB Video RAM
91 MB free disc space

Online version requires Flash Player 9


Developed and Published by: iWin, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

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  • 4.43
  • 4.43
Anonymous - May 28, 2016 -
fun game. Why can't it hold until played again?
Anonymous - Oct 18, 2013 -
To answer rEeKa's question, the start button is either the "Full Quest or the "Just Cards" option. Click on either to start your game.
Anonymous - Apr 19, 2013 -
This game is fun, and relaxing. That's why I like playing it habitually.
Anonymous - Jan 18, 2013 -
This gane is Awsome.. I just love it can we have more like it. Thanks to all........
Anonymous - Dec 17, 2012 -
i do love this game.. iv played the previous versions.. but when i try to load this one i cant find the play button.?? :(


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