Jewel Master

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Sinfreecats - Jul 20, 2021 -
Giving up on this game, I agree agazee, came back but it keeps resetting to level one so boring.
agazee33 - Jul 16, 2021 -
Ditto, Sinfreecats--stuck eternally on level 54. Doesn’t seem to be any way to solve it or control it except hope it randomly drops something useful into the outside columns. Yrcch.
Maggy611 - Jul 11, 2021 -
I hate it when there's always this one background you didn't see and you're out of time or moves. Hoping you get past the level you're stuck on, Sinfreecats.
Tagged as: Challenging
Sinfreecats - Jul 11, 2021 -
Now it's reset to level one ugh.
Sinfreecats - Jul 10, 2021 -
Stuck on level 54 for 5 days ugh, enjoyed the game up until now


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