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DoodleBugg2 - Jun 15, 2021 -
Hey!! S/W THIS was THE game that BROUGHT me to YOUR "original", AND ONE of THE reasons WHY I became a PAYING Member. As I work to reconstruct MY Favorites List, which y'all DELETED, I find a HIGHER Percentage of THE Games I LOVE are GONE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT of finding a way to fix the Flash Player issue!!!!! DB2
Anonymous - Jun 23, 2020 -
I can not get this game to work. I have played it for years now it is becoming depressing. I have tried to play this game every day and I get nothing.
Anonymous - Nov 15, 2019 -
not workiing
Anonymous - Feb 28, 2018 -
Are the cash prizes shown in the "Scratchers" real money? Can someone actually win this money?
Anonymous - Feb 1, 2018 -
I actually giggled playing this. The penguin(I named him Murray) is a character to be adored. His actions as lovable. Congrats to the designers! Knowing this Shockwave does not do "Saves", I hung in as long as I could. I made it to rank 22! Would like to have saved it and continued at another time to see how far I could go!


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