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Coolkidnumber1 - Jul 27, 2022 -
It’s fun to play and if u like to renovate houses and remodel then this is a good game for u but it doesn’t give u a lot of time to do it
ShockwaveFriends - Jun 21, 2022 -
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shefw_hecta - May 15, 2022 -
this game is fun
Tagged as: Addictive, Easy, Great Graphics
danelle777 - Mar 10, 2022 -
The App is freezing up and slows down you accomplishment times of task required
hfdsfh - Jan 29, 2022 -
It is not real like youtube videos that is shared in techno gamers and other youtubers.... VERY BIG CHEATER.
Tagged as: Easy, Mindless, Serious


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