Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

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Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

Catch a killer!
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Game Info & Requirements

Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

Enter the mind of Flora Dale, attempted murder victim and coma patient. As she lies trapped in her mind, it's up to you to help unravel the mysterious events that have led her here and follow clues to name the culprit. Search each scene for evidence and use what you find to further your investigation. Play mini games to keep your mind flexible. The full version of Hidden Secrets The Nightmare features:

  • 20 stunning scenes to explore
  • 30 complex puzzles to solve
  • An engaging mystery to unravel

Help Flora find her would-be assassin when you play today!


Search each scene for the clues listed and use them to unlock more clues. Find the special clue to complete each level.
Each mini game has its own rules. Follow the on-screen instructions to solve each puzzle.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista
Macintosh OS9 / OSX (Online only)
800 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
DirectX 7
130 MB free disc space

Online version requires Flash Player 8


Developed by: Gogii Game Studio
Published by: Gogii Games

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.54
  • 3.54
Anonymous - Oct 16, 2017 -
Anonymous - Jul 21, 2016 -
One of my favorites. You have to use your brain. Once you unlock all the mini puzzles you can play them over and over. It's very unique. There is a wide variety of mini puzzles which are all fun to play. The red and black shoes gave me the most trouble.
Anonymous - Jun 18, 2014 -
I got frustrated and gave up on this game. It's especially annoying that there are limited skips in the puzzles. You have no idea what you're looking for in terms of HO items and the hint function only tells you that there's something to do in a location whether you have all of the necessary items or not. No direction killed the fun.
Anonymous - Jun 18, 2013 -
Was ok, until the game glitched on me- In the child's room with the Tower of Hanoi puzzle (putting disks on pegs) one disk got stuck and became unresponsive like it wasn't there. Too bad there is no reset for this or a way to X it off, cuz this ended the game for me. I'll try again though, and even tho it's small and dark screened, it's still interesting.
Anonymous - Feb 18, 2013 -
Pretty good game. Nice graphics although at times a bit too dark. Ended quite abruptly - I would have liked to see some sort of a prologue on top of that. Overall I enjoyed it but wished there was more.


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